book door

Here is a photograph of my book box doors for Norm 2.0’s Thursday Doors. I have a library box and books come in and go out. Everything from textbooks to Dostoevsky to Louisa May Alcott to mysteries and romances.

Sometimes I put coffee out, too, and have my coffee in the yard in the early morning. My daughter wants to know how people will know I am not going to poison them, but if I am out there drinking the coffee, I think they will be reassured.

We have at least 6 Little Free Libraries in town, including one in front of our grade school with lots of kids’ books. Hooray for books and for sharing and exchanging them!


I took this yesterday too, nearly blind into the sun and zoomed in. I learned to hold my breath for the zoomed in photos when my daughter was in synchronized swimming. I could not see which bird this was until I downloaded the photo: a red-breasted nuthatch. I love the nuthatches, going head first down tree trunks to find food. This feeder has many birds visiting both yesterday and today….