bad eclipse stealthie

Ok, I am a total fail on eclipse pictures.

I did no preparation, no reading and failed! I was clueless! Go ahead and laugh at me! But many thanks to my 10 am patient, because all of us were excited and ran outside to see if we could see the eclipse. I did not have the right sort of filter for my phone. I did make a pinhole in paper and took the bad picture below… we could see the eclipse on a piece of paper held behind the pinhole paper. I remembered those instructions from when I was a kid!

I did not take off because I just can’t afford any more time off than I’ve taken – run my own small business, dontcha know – and I leave for a week of CME in September. CME stands for Continuing Medical Education and I do a minimum of 50 hours a year.

We had fun anyway… and I want to go to the next eclipse…. well, the next one that is somewhere and somewhen I can afford.

bad pic

Terrible, huh? And I am happy anyhow!

I hope you find some joy in your day, somewhere….


I was thinking “feeture”.

This is a stealthie from Thursday. Thursday was complicated by unexpected events and was busy! I tend to dress up more when I am stressed. I don’t know why having tights that match my dress would decrease that stress, but never mind. Over a decade ago my nurse informed me that the office had me figured out: the shorter the skirt I was wearing, the more dangerous mood. People move to town and unload their work suits since we have many retirees. I had a red-orange very short skirt suit with labels in Japanese: that was the watch-your-step-with-me suit.

I don’t have that one any more. But I still have brightly colored tights that I wear some days! All went well in the end.

halo stealthie

In the early morning in Wisconsin, I saw a halo… I am sending the halo to all the people who stood and stand up against white supremicism. I am sending the halo to all people, all colors, all genders. And we couldn’t see the halo unless the shadow were present, could we? There is no light without contrasting dark and we must love both the shadow and the light. I am not ok with white supremicism. Please, send this halo to those who stand up for love and equality and against discrimination.