no hands


Our heron is grooming again. We had a discussion last night: do they have more bones in the neck than people? And what about giraffes?

Here is a lovely blog post about birds and bones and herons’ necks from 2013: Add that book to my wish list, it sounds both gorgeous and fascinating.


fab four

This is for the Daily Prompt: recreate. The American Academy of Family Physicians had a celebration last night at the end of the conference and included a painter who recreated this familiar faces right in front of a large audience. Then it was auctioned off to the highest bidder to fund raise for Houston hurricane victims. Bravo!


portal cup

If this cup is a portal,  where does it take you?

I took the photograph at the Renwick. I asked the guard if I could take photographs. He smiled and said, “We encourage it.” And it’s part of the Smithsonian….free. I could not take my tea inside, and that seems entirely fair….but, free, that is, paid for by the citizens of the United States with our taxes and welcoming people from all over the world to step in and see what is there…..

…..and where does this cup take each of us?

…..and does this fit the Daily Prompt?