more blue

For Wordless Wednesday: I am not wordless today, but the herons are so stealthy!

Hiking with my daughter and friend B on the C and O canal, ah! Here is an east coast great blue heron. Standing very still across the canal, just the colors of the rocks and winter trees and leaves. I look for birds or I could have walked right by without seeing this one.

Great blue heron standing on one leg, with surrounding rocks of the same color.

I love the one legged stance. I will need to do a lot more Tai Chi before I can stand on one leg that comfortably. The heron only moved enough to keep an eye on me.

Great blue heron, standing on the shore of the C & O Canal on one leg, observing the photographer.



Oh, hoorah for zoom lenses, because I feel like I am standing on another branch to photograph our heron. My friend goes to the other side of the tree and I work my way around. We are great blue heron paparazzi, in love with our subject, taking picture after picture.

However, we did not get her to fly from the dock. That was another boat arriving and a person walking out.


tall tree


Our heron flew to these trees: see? I crop the photo and there she is.


I am saying she, but I don’t know. For so long we have used “he” to mean both he and she. Let’s reverse that for the next 2000 years, use “she” to mean both she and he. Turn around is fair, right?

And those are really big trees. She doesn’t look so out of place standing there. Nor would I have noticed her if I had not followed her flight.