his steady light

Dreaming of the Sun
whose warm rays surround her
and caress her

she orbits him
and he pours his love on her

occasionally he flares up
and that might hurt
some of the small cells
on her surface

but she sheds
dead cells
they are reabsorbed
and she basks

in his warmth
with joy

she is alive
so her small children
are not overcooked

like mercury

are not frozen

like uranus

mars is a rival
but the seas are dead
at least

her small children
think so

and venus
and is clouded
all the time

she turns
full of joy

in his steady light


written January 8, 2022


We are fishing and playing a little and then we hear something. I stick my head up. Dad does too, and my sisters. What is it? It is making noises! There, on the beach. Something roaring in two tones!

There are two. The smaller one is doing most of the roaring. It is weird. Two tones, a low growly one and a higher one that sings.

It is creepy, that smaller one. I think it sees us. It has a mechanical eye. Dad says, “Dive.” We talk under water. Maybe it is trying to steal our souls or lure us to death on the beach.

We do have to come up for air though. Now they both roar. Dad barks: “STOP” and what do the horrors do? They try to imitate him! Are they making fun of him?

Now the smaller one is just making high song noises. Sort of like a creepy bird. It keeps going back to the double growl, though.

Dad says, “Come on.” We dive and head the other way along the beach. The appartitions are picking up things from the beach. I am very glad they didn’t get us. This time.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: apparition.


There were long distance swimmers out going parallel to the shore on my last beach walk. Four of them. Women, because voices carry over the water. Brrr, but wearing wet suits. Good for them, I’m jealous.

I had my big camera with the serious zoom. The swimmers would stop to talk.

swimmers in the sound at North Beach

They don’t look tired or cold or stressed, do they? They were ending their swim back at North Beach.