The introverted thinker breaks the rules

My earliest memory is taste and proprioception.

I am outside in the yard. I am under three, because it is when we still lived in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am standing. I am not terribly steady and I am holding on to the pipe. I remember how the pipe feels, metal and a bit rusty and rough. The day is hot, but the metal is cool on my hands. I am drinking the water out of the top of a pipe that sticks up from the ground. Water pools in the top and I like it. It tastes of iron. I am not supposed to drink that water.

I lose my balance a little and bump hard against the pipe. My tooth breaks. Now my mouth tastes of blood and iron.

I don’t remember it hurting much and I am not scared. I am mostly annoyed and resigned. I think, I am going to get caught now, I can’t hide this.

This is me in the canoe and my parents, in the early 1960s. I don’t know who took the photograph.

Cindy gets real and skips the ball

We had a lovely dinner with family and friends. I look at the tablecloths and napkins that I have inherited and I am glad that I live in a time where I can work as a female physician and am not embroidering elaborate tablecloths and napkins. Some of the ones that I have WERE done by female relatives. Amazing and work that is currently not very valued.

So my centerpiece was an acknowledgement of the changes: Cindy is not going to ride in the coach. She has a canoe and paddles and a backpack, sleeping bag, stove, water bottle and GPS. She is going to find her own way and paddle her own canoe.

Boats and water

Photrablogger asked “Water water everywhere :D I am curious to know about your connection with boats and canoes. Because you grew up playing in such an environment?”

My maternal grandparents bought land on a lake in Ontario in the 1930s and we were all imprinted like ducks…. went there many summers. I went this summer. My family moved but that was the place where I knew the rocks and the trees and the cabins. My family was in tents, so I am particularly attached to the land. I use the cabin but want to sleep in a tent and hear the water and the wind and the rain…..

I don’t know who took the photo: from 1963, I think, I was two.

Nuf canoe

Platosgroove asks for a picture of the Nuf canoe I am repainting. Here it is sanded. It is a flat bottom plywood canoe that was designed by Carl Chamberlin of Basic Boats originally for a child to paddle around it. My two kids and I built it over ten years ago at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend, Washington. The family boatbuilding allowed us to pay for materials, plans, space and volunteer help. My father came and provided tools. My daughter was four or five, I think, and son around ten. At one point my daughter said, “Mom, let go of the drill.” I did and she drilled the holes herself.

I have two coats of paint on the inside and one on the outside. I am painting it red to match “Sun Tui”, the 23 foot sailboat. One more coat on the outside and it can go back in the water.

This canoe weighs only 30 pounds, so I can move it from car to water easily. However, if we use it in the sound, we stay very close to shore: too tippy in the cold sound water.