you know you are hypoxic when

…..I keep thinking of new ways to nearly strangle myself. I keep thinking that I have hung up the oxygen tubing on every possible thing I could hang it up on. But no, this was a new one. At least with this one I did not lock my car keys in the car. And even if I did, I can take the nasal cannula off. There is that moment of panic: AUGH I AM TRAPPED, but I am not really.

Today’s blog is especially for B who is not trapped.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

more grief and loss

Well, that’s the way it is.

The picture is from Lake Matinenda in Ontario.

Ottaway back porch

My parents’ time warp Beatnik household, 1978, before I went to be an exchange student in Denmark.

We had a German exchange student living with us. She had been placed with a couple with no children, a military family, and was unhappy. My parents agreed that she could move in with us for the rest of her year. I decided to apply as an exchange student. I have not heard from her in years. Blessings, where ever she is.

reveal 1

My photographs and posts last week were from Maryland and the art is from the National Museum of Women in the Arts:, in Washington, DC.

Today I am going to start reposting the art, along with photographs of the names of the artists and titles of the work.  The current show is titled “Magnetic Fields”, after the above work by Mildred Thompson, and is about black women abstract artists.


So let’s go through them one by one:



I did not capture the explanations. But the piece on the right is by Judy Chicago.



This one I did:


Threshold and Rest, I did not capture the name of the artist.

Use of color:




Use of color 2:




This is a fabulous and gorgeous museum. I enjoyed exploring it with my family and thought that my mother, an artist, would be very pleased.

For the Daily Prompt: treat!