Angels can take peculiar form.

This is for my Ragtag Daily Prompt: angel.

These Strangels are spotted at the Kinetic Sculpture Race in 2015.

This is during the water trial, to make sure that they float. The sculptures have to be human powered and have to move on land, through mud and through water. The water temperature is between 50-55 degrees, which is cold.

The Strangels are support for this Kinetic Racer.

We have angelic Kinetic Kops too. Sometimes the structures look so peculiar that people forget that they can weigh tons. You do not want to be run over by one.

A Kinetic Kop with wings.
Another racer. It’s a lot to paddle.

Hooray for Strangels and all the other racers. I hope Kinetic can happen in 2022.

K is for keen

K is for keen.

Welcome to 7 sins and friends, about feelings and whoa, am I behind! I am supposed to be up to N! Time to catch up and I am keen to do it! Hopefully my words will remain keen and entrancing.

1. finely sharpened, as an edge; so shaped as to cut or pierce substances readily: a keen razor.
2. sharp, piercing, or biting: a keen wind; keen satire.
3. characterized by strength and distinctness of perception; extremely sensitive or responsive: keen eyes; keen ears.

Now the folks in the picture are very keen as well: they are trying to win the  Kinetic Sculpture Race. The winner gains the title of most mediocre. The kinetic sculptures are human powered and have to travel on land, by sea and through mud. The water here today is 50 degrees  and is not much warmer at the end of the summer. They have to be keen to paddle through that water! Every sculpture has to carry a teddy bear and bribes for the judges and officials… it is kinetic madness….

4. having or showing great mental penetration or acumen: keen reasoning; a keen mind.
5. animated by or showing strong feeling or desire: keen competition.
6. intense, as feeling or desire: keen ambition; keen jealousy.


7. eager; interested; enthusiastic (often followed by about, on, etc., or an infinitive): She is really keen on going swimming.
8. Slang. great; wonderful; marvelous.

I am still keen for this contest, even with catch up due! What are you keen for? And of course it’s a keen contest with lots of keen contestants….