Covid for Christmas

Muscles aching all month then are worse
two more days I ignore the pain
one night I get chills and want to curse
morning testing confirms fears from my brain
sniffles and headache, muscles ache more
text the clinic and call when they’re open
plans upset, friends go to the store
daughter diverted, not what I was hoping
the days count down, I have enough time
glad to get notice before she came here
might as well try to tell it in rhyme
isolate my estate appetite queer
it’s covid for Christmas, not what I’d planned
but women can flex and can’t be unmanned

Grace the Sea Serpent

This is Grace, a Winter Break Sea Serpent. She is visiting the Kingson, WA, in the park right by the ferry dock. There are many other creatures. I am not sure what the Sea Turtle’s name is, but she and Grace are clearly friends.

This all seems to be very watery.

There are some more earthly critters, if this is what I think it is.

Striking terror in the heart of gardeners everywhere.

I still like Grace best.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: grace.