without earbuds 8

I am two blocks from home, walking in my neighborhood (7).

She perches in the top of one of the trees. I zoom in again. Look back at that first picture. She is in one of the tall trees behind the cars, right at the top.

She looks like a very interesting Christmas tree topper.

Blessings, beautiful great blue heron! I think of you along rivers and ponds and swamps, but what a privilege to see you flying to perch in a tree! In three trees! Three blocks from my home!

I feel blessed.

She is one of the many reasons I walk without earbuds and listen and watch for the birds.

no wheels

I took this hiking Mount Walker weekend before last. We are so close to so many hikes, to the forest, to the woods, to the wild rhododendrons, to the trees. That is where I go to heal, away from the current attempt to rob more people of basic health care, my poorest and oldest and most disabled patients….And then I return and keep working on local health care and national health care.

What is so bad about spending our health care dollar to take care of all of us? The next most expensive system spends half as much per person. Our system is set up for corporations to make money and it is destroying people and in turn destroying small businesses and our city and county governments cut services to pay outrageous health insurance costs.

I want to go back to the woods….

For the Daily Prompt: wheel.