Trees and paper

I put out my recycling yesterday. All that paper that I fill paper bags with each month. Is paper disposable? It does come from trees.

Chainsaw and climbing gear. He doesn’t look like he’s that high up. But I am taking the picture from a rise, through a grove of smaller trees. Here is the tree that is coming down.

A storm had twisted the upper trunks until the lower trunk split vertically. Now it was dangerous and could fall on the house in another storm. And dangerous to take down because each of the four upper trunks had to be done separately.

One trunk left.

All down. The trunk is still alive and may live.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: disposable.

Clouds are my favorite blur

Clouds two days ago on the Fort Worden Beach. Washington State.

I was back east over the winter holidays. Nine days got added on for an ill friend. I was lucky to be able to change my flight and be able to help. This is the early morning holiday lights on the way to the hospital.

Clouds further blurred by water. Taken in Ontario, Canada in 2012.

Water blur study. Somewhere in Washington.

More water.

Sunrise, a new day, blurry but beautiful anyhow. Mount Tahoma, Washington State.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: blur.

Rethinking lawns

Lawns are being rethought. People are planting meadows or strips of meadow, for bees and insects. They need corridors and it helps with plant diversity and the health of the earth. A lawn with pesticides has a huge issue of a depauperate fauna, that it is just one sort of grass. The pesticides will kill insects as well as “weeds”. We have to redefine “weeds” and value the diversity of meadows and wild places and insects. I am hoping that my lawn will be taken over by thyme and oregano and parsley, all of which are spreading in my yard. Half of my yard has been wild and unmown since 2007 and the local deer and birds love it. Plant a meadow or let part of your yard go wild! We need the diversity.

The photograph is from the wild part of my yard in August 2022.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt depauperate.