black shroom

For the Daily Prompt: black.

I took this hiking in August 2013. I was out sick with strep A pneumonia and it was in my muscles as well. I had been sick since June. Talking made me cough. I couldn’t hike fast, but I could hike.

We were mushrooming, carefully. We found a few black mushrooms. Photographed and left: we only collected edibles that we were solid on.


It was a beautiful and healing hike for me.

black is the color

For the Daily Prompt: black.

I took this on the Poulsbo World Wide Photowalk. The kids were ahead of us and I tried to catch it quickly. My friend wanted to too, but he was on steps with wet leaves and crutches: don’t do anything fast in that case.

A day late, but blessings on the veterans and their spouses and their children and their parents and their friends and the people who help them when they come home… and really, everyone.


Here is Boa, in my kitchen, black with blue highlights. She used to sit in front of the vents when the 1979 propane furnace worked. Now I have a heat pump, high on the wall in the kitchen. The closest she can sit is up on the two chairs that tuck in the end of the counter. She is 12 years old and less interested in going outside this cold winter. She misses the kids and the other cat, who was hit by a car three years ago. She likes it when the kids come home, and when they leave again, she is a little bit blue…..