For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: exercise.

I have not been exercising this week, since Monday. I have barely left the house! but influenza is like that and it’s a time to rest.

I photographed this pair of American wigeons napping last weekend, at Kai Tai Lagoon in the sun. Napping in the water, how clever, I can’t do that. I do think I woke them, but at least one returned to sleep. Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson in the past too. I have to rest when I am sick and return to exercise afterwards!

A pair of American wigeons, on the water, female asleep and male awake.


For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: thaw.

I walked through Kai Tai Nature Park during the snow last month. Usually there are lots of ducks, sometimes geese, red wing blackbirds and a blue heron or eagle. This is taken with a zoom. The ducks were hiding out and the seagulls standing rather forlornly on the ice, waiting for the thaw.


The bird napping in the tree is a great blue heron. In the last two posts, the heron had its head tucked under its wing. I did not try to get closer because I did not want to disturb the nap any more. The clue from a distance was that the heron is only about 30 feet up in the tree and looked huge: too big for an owl or a hawk and not an eagle.

The Kai Tai Lagoon Nature Park is right down the hill from my house, about 5 blocks, and near Safeway and two blocks from our busiest road. And we have lots of birds….