Quick: label

It is because he was (label)
but he really was (label)
and hated himself
so he killed  (label)

the labels
create a safe distance

we think
we are not in those (label)s

drop the labels

a person
was sad and lonely and grieving and enraged

he took a gun
he shot many other people

bow our heads

and grieve


I took the photograph with my phone last night on the beach.

Summer sunset

I still don’t stay up much past nine most nights, but my young adult offspring talked me into a beach walk the other evening. We went down to Fort Worden and the Point Wilson Lighthouse. The sunset was glorious. I went back to the car for a jacket right away because the water temperature is around 51 degrees. It cools down quickly. The tide was coming in, so we only walked about half a mile, but it was gorgeous. This is looking north from Point Wilson towards Vancouver Island and the San Juan Islands…. over the kelp beds.

Morning coffee

This is for Photrablogger’s Mundane Monday #62. I have a Little Free Library built into my fence. There is a bench that goes through the fence. Sometimes I put out a carafe of coffee. On the back is a small table that folds down. Now that the sun is getting up so early, I am often out there watching the dawn….

The red rose has been there for years, but never bloomed until this summer and last summer, because the deer ate the buds as fast as they formed. The deer have come in once when we left the gate open, but we’ve been careful since then.