Mundane Monday #177: creature built

OOOOooooo, maybe I should save this for Halloween, but I am going to use it anyhow.

For Mundane Monday #177, the theme is a photograph of something creature built.

We were leaving in the early morning and P nearly walked into this web. Then we both stopped and took photographs. It’s hard to capture the web in focus! When I moved to another angle, the spider is visible but the web can’t be seen with the white porch as a background. The spider is floating in space.

Link your photograph or send a message and I will list it next week.

Last weeks Mundane Monday #176, the theme was bones.

KL Allendorfer submits a fascinating project with students: Assembling the bones.





Introducing Fast Spider

This post is to introduce Fast Spider, a Scioness of Local Spiders in my area. Just a web on a car? Well, I would think that too, but it’s been built every day for the last month or more, so apparently Fast Spider likes the wind in her legs. That sounds racy, but there it is. I think that she must hide in a crevice when I turn the engine on. I am enjoying thinking about the sort of lady spider who would build her web daily on …. of course…. a Scion.