cat worries

My cat is turning 17 soon. She and I visited a friend yesterday. The friend and I went off to the farmer’s market and returned. I called and the cat didn’t come. I looked under the bed, where she usually hides but she wasn’t there. I search the house and stand staring at the bed…. She couldn’t have gotten out, could she?


For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: fathom.


The letter Z: zzzz. Zzzzzs, blessed sleep.

My friend is not asleep here. But what a place to sleep!


And sleep in the sun!


Sleep on a couch!


Sleep in a boat!


And back to the daybed.


Blogging from A to Zzzzzz, and the challenge is done.


Moon rise

My sleep cycle is a bit messed up, so I am up in the night. Here is a moon rise, more blue….

Doing rural medicine and attending deliveries and inpatient and call for years, I don’t worry if my sleep cycle is off time. I am happy to fall asleep early and don’t care if I am up in the night! There were years where I had call weekends of 72 hours or worked in clinic after a clinic day and being up most of the night. I like sleep but I don’t worry about when…. it is all good….