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I came to Austin, Texas for an old friend’s memorial.

He was the husband of a friend of my parents. She went to school at the University of Tennessee with my parents in the late 1950s. She has pretty much known me since birth. Both of my parents and my sister are dead. I lived with her and her husband and their two teenage sons in Madison, WI for a year while I was in college.

I learned things about George from his obituary that I never knew. They got married on my birthday when I was five. I knew that George had a master’s in Special Education and worked at a high school for 26 years, but not that as the Defensive Coordinator football coach the team won 10 conference championships and 2 state football championships. He is in the State of Wisconsin Football Hall of Fame and The Beloit Sports Hall of Fame.

I visited in August, and got to see his son for the first time since I was in college. I met his wife and three children. I hope to see the other son sometime in the next few years.

Joy and sadness, both.


I took this photo yesterday because I am visiting friends in Texas. We had a memorial on Saturday and on Sunday we had a feast. I have perhaps tasted a single crayfish in jambalaya before, but I have never been to meal like this! Many thanks to the hosts and apologies to the crayfish: I am not a vegetarian…. So this is for Clare and Dean’s photo of the week! . I also am submitting it in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Fresh.” Fresh with claws…..

“I weep for you,’ the walrus said, “I deeply sympathize.”

With sobs and tears he sorted out those of the largest size

Holding his pocket hand-kerchief before his streaming eyes…

From Lewis Carroll’s The Walrus and the Carpenter


Once, oh Best Beloved, there was a little girl. She went on a trip to the desert.

The desert was very different from where she lived. All of the plants had thorns. Even the trees had thorns in their bark. But just like home, there were birds.

She saw a little bird. “Hello little bird,” she said.

“Hello,” said the little bird.

“The trees have thorns,” said the little girl. She touched a cactus softly and it bit her. She pulled out the fine thorns and sucked on her sore finger.

“Yes,” said the little bird.

“Where do you live?” said the little girl.

“Here in the desert!” said the bird, happy.

“How can you live in the desert?” said the little girl.

“There is morning dew and delicious insects and nectar from flowers!” said the bird.

“But can you build a nest?” said the little girl. There were no twigs.

“Of course!” said the little bird. “Come see. My nest is in this tree.”

The little girl looked and there was the nest. The nest was built of thorns.

“It is thorns.” said the little girl, thoughtful. “If you live in the desert, you build your nest of thorns.”

Little Blue Pill

Little blue pill
Little blue pill
Help me help me
I’m over the hill

Don’t wanna have sex
Nope nope nope
Little blue pill
Gives my husband hope

Can’t make a pill
Til we define the disease
Doctors would you
Hurry up please

Little blue pill
Little blue pill
Help me help me
I’m over the hill

Thought them hormones
Would make me hot
Doc was right
They did not

Hot flashes make me
Sweat and moan
No help from that

Little blue pill
Little blue pill
Help me help me
I’m over the hill

Doctor this
Is really no joke
My husband says
He’ll slit his throat

Can’t make a pill
Til we define a disease
They’re trying hard
Those drug companies

I think we’ll know
If they define a disease
Drug companies will plaster it
On tv

Doctor I found
Just the thing
A brand new stimulating
Clitoral ring

Don’t wanna have sex
Nope nope nope
Little blue pill
Gives my husband hope

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the mushroom is from the olympic peninsula. we didn’t know what it was and did not eat it.


I am writing this for both Weird Image Wednesday and for Ronovan’s BeWoW.. Be Wonderful Wednesday. The image is from 2010 from a synchronized swim meet in Washington State. The girls do the lift from under water, and they are not allowed to touch bottom. They do the lift with their swimming skills. This team is very young and probably novices, so the girls lifting have their heads out of the water. As they get older, stronger and more skilled, the lifters would do all the lifting from under the water, holding their breath. I have seen girls lifted out to their feet in more experienced teams. Everyone has to be in the right position under the water and the person lifted has to have the core strength to stay straight or stay in their split during the lift.

Isn’t that wonderful and amazing?

Foul sweets

This is for the Ronovan writes weekly haiku prompt. The words are foul and sweet. I am at a medical conference where we are really delving into diet and how the high sugar/ high corn syrup and high carbohydrate typical american diet increases our risk of inflammation. Eat more vegetables! And here is the poem….

Foul sweets, treats greet us

Meet us, daily folly. We

growl at sweets, eat meat.


The picture is a mushroom growing out of a tree on the Olympic Peninsula.




The Introverted Thinker on high school fights

I just watched Taylor Swift’s Mean and it makes me think of what the Introverted Thinker says about high school fights. I asked if she sees a lot of bullying.

“Oh, mom, mostly it’s not bullying. Mostly it’s misunderstanding.”

She said that mostly the fights are mistakes. “Mom, one girl isn’t really thinking and she says something as she’s leaving. She is not even trying to hurt the other person. But she says something that is not thoughtful or can be taken wrong.

Then the other girl thinks about it and gets all upset. She talks to her friends and then snubs the first girl. The first girl doesn’t remember the comment and has no idea that it has hurt anyone. She doesn’t know what the fight is about, so she feels attacked out of the blue by the second girl and her friends.

It’s silly and it’s usually a misunderstanding. The first girl made a dumb or thoughtless or confusing comment. It gets taken wrong and then it all escalates from there.”

It is hard to go back to a person who made a comment that feels really hurtful and ask: what did you mean when you said this? There is bullying and meanness as well. But my daughter thinks that it’s mostly not deliberate or thoughtless cruelty: mostly it’s thoughtless comments.

Taylor Swift Mean
More Introverted Thinker and Extroverted Feeler stories here.

Off balance/balance

Plato’s Groove lovely poem from yesterday reminds me of Portia Nelson’s poem “A Poetic Interlude:  Autobiography in Five Short Chapters”. I wrote my own version of this back in 2005, about trying to change. It is hard. I also want to submit this to the Ronovan Writes BeWoW Wednesday, for Be Wonderful Wednesday. @RonovanWrites. I think looking inside and trying to change and changing is wonderful…..

Off balance/balance

Makes no sense
React react react
Want to bite kick scream
Argue (control) argue
Icky tone of voice
Confusion confusion
Told I am wrong
I am overreacting
I am invalid
Child again

Makes no sense
Don’t react
Confusion ANGER
Let anger go
Confusion: Sad, Hurt
Sad feels lonely
Not engaged
Remember you are loved
Remember you are lovable
Sad is ok
Roses and violets and lupine
Spring from the path
Where your true self steps
Call true friends

Makes no sense
No react
Confusion not mine
Roses and violets and lupine
True self
Comfort self

Not mine
Step away
Comfort self

I am loved
I am cherished
I am safe

June 11, 2005

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Beacon bacon

I am really enjoying RonovanWrites‘s weekly Haiku prompt challenge. Also he made me laugh here at the “ow” comment. Thank you for making me laugh! The problems are that I have trouble spelling Ronovan (I want to put the o at the end and the a in the middle) and is the apostrophe in the correct place? These are things to ponder. Today’s prompt is Field and beacon. I have been rereading Walt Kelly’s Pogo comics, wordplay and spellingplay all over the place. He makes up words or combines word or misspells words on poipoise. It is wonderful play. So the first word that comes to my mind with field and beacon is, of course, bacon. Wasn’t that true for you? And bacon sparks a whole other train of thought. My brain is like one of those old fashioned train stations, where the engine was place on the central track and could be turned to start off in another direction, or even turned to face back towards the train that it had just pulled in….

And another track: I have a friend of 30+ years who works on rear end devices. Trains, not twerking…. rear end devices replaced cabooses. I liked cabooses better then the rear end box. And we could now go soaring off into black boxes and airplanes…..

Here are the words I played with:

Field, beacon, bacon, become

feel, felt, belt, real steal meal

steal, steeled, feeled, deal.

And the result:

Bacon beacon past

beckons. Feeling real steel field.

Feeling begs, I yield.

The photo is from a place where bacon was loved. Peace be with you.