I am writing this for both Weird Image Wednesday and for Ronovan’s BeWoW.. Be Wonderful Wednesday. The image is from 2010 from a synchronized swim meet in Washington State. The girls do the lift from under water, and they are not allowed to touch bottom. They do the lift with their swimming skills. This team is very young and probably novices, so the girls lifting have their heads out of the water. As they get older, stronger and more skilled, the lifters would do all the lifting from under the water, holding their breath. I have seen girls lifted out to their feet in more experienced teams. Everyone has to be in the right position under the water and the person lifted has to have the core strength to stay straight or stay in their split during the lift.

Isn’t that wonderful and amazing?

5 thoughts on “Lift

  1. […] before a competition. In the competition, they will not wear the swim cap or the goggles. This is a lift, remember, where none of them touch the bottom of the pool. It is all supported by the girls […]

  2. Karl says:

    Thanks for this very cool contribution to Weird Image Wednesday! I’ve added a link to your post on the event page.

  3. Ronovan says:

    I have a friend who has three daughters who are competitive cheerleaders. Two are top level. By that I mean national champs. Core is amazing. One was a flyer and she had to control her balance and everything by those core muscles. People don’t realize how strong these athletes have to be.

    • drkottaway says:

      My daughter would practice on a yoga stand up side down, splits and her leg position. Water dance, upside down, holding your breath…. crazy….

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