DIY cat fud

This is for Ronovan writes weekly haiku poetry prompt #87, words class and firm.

I try to stand firm
health insurance corporate
fraud stand firm with class

Boa cat brought her own breakfast in the other day. I am so appalled and horrified by the health insurance corporate fraud I see daily. The patients and I are the mouse and the health insurance corporations are the cat….. we have to stop them.

Non compos mentis

This is for the Ronovan Writes weekly haiku #51, prompt words future and give. I have been reading Walt Kelley’s Pogo again. One strip yesterday worked it’s way from ptarmagin and ptruly and pteam all the way to a pun involving “non compass Memphis” in just four panels. Talk about away with words! I am studying latin again in my spare time, so I about fell off my chair laughing. Hooray for Mr. Kelly!

future feature give
teacher stretcher lecher live
liver fetcher fugue

I took the photograph last summer camping on Marrowstone Island.

Ha, the joke is on me. That’s the June 2015 challenge. I’m leaving it up……

Fear stands

For RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt #79, the words are crystal and hope….

fear stands strong don’t look
crystal water reveals rocks
open eyes give you hope


I took the photograph in 2012, when my sister was referred to hospice for breast cancer. I took three trips to see her before she died. She was still very engaged with everyone on the second trip. But when she was not talking to anyone, her face was different. She was looking at eternity. She knew that I could see her doing it, because we knew each other so well. She did not want to talk about it to me until my last visit with her in this life. I felt so blessed and honored when she did talk to me, and I hope that she feels loved.