3 thoughts on “In the zoo

  1. sonniq says:

    I found your site quite by accident today reading through old posts from the blogging 101 course I took in January. I don’t know why I clicked on yours, but I know there is always a reason why things come into our lives if we open our mind lland wonder why. You’ll see the pages I liked so far. Reading them brought out things I’ve stuffed down or tried to make myself believe didn’t matter, yet I know they had to when I recognize the damage I did to myself through my life because I just knew through my life I was not a likeable person, yet I can make other people believe how confident and sure I am of myself, and that intensity scares people away. I think that has been my coping protection. I know this isn’t the right post for this reply. I also have 2 blogs. One that matters to me very much. It is my work http://mynameisjamie.net ,that has a focused subject matter and http://watchandwhirl.com which is where I put everything else. I think I will put a post here of this pain.

    • drkottaway says:

      I think everyone stuffs things. Some more than others and some with more reason. Blessings.

      • sonniq says:

        I spent all day today putting together a post and putting out for the world to read. A way of letting it all go. It will get back to my family because it posts on facebook, too. I needed to close the door. I did give a link back to you as to what prompted me to write. It is on http://watchandwhirl.com

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