black shroom

For the Daily Prompt: black.

I took this hiking in August 2013. I was out sick with strep A pneumonia and it was in my muscles as well. I had been sick since June. Talking made me cough. I couldn’t hike fast, but I could hike.

We were mushrooming, carefully. We found a few black mushrooms. Photographed and left: we only collected edibles that we were solid on.


It was a beautiful and healing hike for me.

Lion’s mane

This is for photrablogger’s Mundane Monday #81, a Lion’s mane mushroom from up in the Olympic Mountains, taken with my cell phone.

I hiked with a friend. I am not good enough at identifying many mushrooms to pick them on my own, so I go with him. We saw at least 30 varieties most of which we left alone…. when in doubt, don’t touch.

We went out Saturday and Sunday. It rained most of the day on Saturday. I was dressed warmly enough but was very wet. Sunday it rained less and I dressed more appropriately and stayed dry…

Delicious sauteed until brown…