I am reinventing myself now. After my fourth pneumonia, oxygen continuously for a year and now my fifth pulmonologist since 2012. He did not have much to offer. An inhaler but “We can’t be sure that it will keep you from getting pneumonia.”

Well. So with ME-CFS, myalgic encephalopathy chronic fatigue syndrome, now what?

I am at a fork in the path. At least three forks.

  1. Try to do a micropractice, working with Long Covid people. Who either wear masks or I do not see them. I would have to convince the hospital district that it needs me.
  2. Write. I am doing that, but really focus on it and work on publishing. I have so much art from my mother. She did not really enjoy selling it though she loved having shows and would dress up.
  3. I could focus on publicizing and selling my mother’s art.
  4. There is a trunk from my grandfather. I could focus on that. He states that he wants it published. Grandfather, you were a piece of work.
  5. I could just lie around and travel and play with the cats and make music.
  6. Focus on music. I have written a number of songs. Apparently being hypoxic makes me write songs. I think they are peculiar and wonderful too. Flute, voice, guitar, piano, bass. Hmmmm.
  7. Something else. Who knows what will appear? I am doing art too, the two large sculptural pieces in my yard. A fellow doctor scolded me about one. It’s the one with a logging chain and an oxygen tank, attached to a tree. The title is “Tethered”. Now, why would a local doctor object to that? I have some small pieces too that involve found objects and especially feathers and small stemmed glassware.

Many forks! Now I just need more spoons of energy!


For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: reinvent.

The photograph was taken in September 2021. Where is the path? I got to hear Jonathan Doyle last night, with George Radabaugh on piano. FABULOUS!

Grace the Sea Serpent

This is Grace, a Winter Break Sea Serpent. She is visiting the Kingson, WA, in the park right by the ferry dock. There are many other creatures. I am not sure what the Sea Turtle’s name is, but she and Grace are clearly friends.

This all seems to be very watery.

There are some more earthly critters, if this is what I think it is.

Striking terror in the heart of gardeners everywhere.

I still like Grace best.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: grace.

No mosquitoes

Do they really have toes? I don’t know. Probably, tiny insect toes to hold on.

I still have a daisy blooming outside in spite of weather dropping below freezing off and on for a week. We had snow flurries, but further out in the county, they got inches of snow. Port Townsend is in on the Quimper Peninsula, sticking out from the Olympic Peninsula, so all that water gives us a different microclimate.

This is the second year for my “Christmas stick”. I put it up last year because I had these two kittens tearing things apart.

First I need to get the stick to stand. I had a bare stick, with the angel on top, for a week.

Then I cut four branches from the huge tree in my yard and added them to the stick.

The cats wondered, but this year they are not knocking it over so far. I put up lights and decorations yesterday. Not the glass ones: paper and soft ones. Because I’m not sure about the cats.

The cats still aren’t sure about it. We tend not to have a lot of mosquitoes even in summer, partly because the wind often howls up my street. The mosquitoes are blown inland. Too cold right now.

Happy Christmas stick!

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: mosquito.

Red maple

Our native maples are Big Leaf Maple and Vine Maples. There are Red Maples all over town now and they are exquisite and spectacular. Rain is supposed to start this Friday and since we still have bad air quality from the fires in Eastern Washington, I think we will all be glad for rain.

I took this yesterday at Chetzemoka Park. I went to see if the air was ok to beach walk. It was not ok.

The panoramic photograph shows the smoke obscuring the Seattle area and the hazy sun. It is worse there than here but it is not good here either.

I wonder if the trees have trouble breathing too? I am wearing a N95 mask any time I step outside. The cats don’t want to go out right now. They don’t like the smoke.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: exquisite and for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Chetzemoka Park.

Beach spook

You are walking on East Beach, Marrowstone Island. It is sunny. The tide is way out, with fields of bright green slippery algae. You stay on the rocks. Some of them are slippery too. There are crows and an eagle, on the beach, feeding. There is a great blue heron. You can see sea lions out on the rocks, though your camera battery has died, again.

Suddenly you nearly step in THIS:

You stumble away, horrified, knowing that the creature stranded on the beach is FOOD now. You hear laughter, soft at first. Suddenly you see the face above and REALIZE: the whole beach is giggling and laughing: BECAUSE YOU TOO ARE FOOD.


Taken at East Beach, Marrowstone Island, yesterday.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: SPOOK!