This is for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Challenge #73, prompt words black and white. I was thinking of the shades in between and all of the stances on the internet: this is true, this is false, this is horrible, this is wonderful. We only seem to be able to agree about cute cat photos and videos. I keep hoping that the loss of privacy on the internet will teach us gentleness and peace and tolerance: entertain strangers for they might be angels. Peace, all, and work to end all discrimination.


white light darkening
hark angels black and white sing
black tract lightening


I took the picture at the start of a rain storm at Lake Matinenda, Ontario, Canada in August.

Guide to determining if you are constantly being mauled by bears

This is for Ronovan’s weekly haiku prompt. The words this week are guide and mad.

Beloved guide me
through red mad anger open
heart to shores of love

The picture is my son and daughter on the shore of Lake Crescent, Washington in 2004. We stopped driving for a rest. My son has just skipped a rock and I love the curve of his body and physical joy expressed. He’s trying to influence what the rock does with his body language. How can we all stay that fluid and joyful?

I stole the title from here: