Rain song

Thoughts coalesce, precipitate
wet earth soaks rain and turn to mud
snow melts and soaks the bosom of the earth
sun warms, worms break down tattered leaves
what stirs beneath wet brown muddy ground
we listen for spring’s soft slow moving sound


For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: precipitate.

Taken in December 2021 in Maryland.

Lichen song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0MvY6m_5yI.

And another:


My weekend at the Nowhereelse Festival would have delighted any frog. It rained nearly the whole time. I had a rental car, a tent and sleeping bag, and all of the music was in a much much bigger tent. I frogmarched back and forth from my small tent in a field, to the music venue, the volunteer tent and the food trucks. By the time I packed up my tent on Monday, the field was no longer absorbing water and it was 2-3 inches deep within a few feet of my tent. I hoped I would make it to the airport and not get caught by flooding roads. The fields and ditches were flooding but I was out before the roads were too bad. Whew.

The first photograph is the storm rolling in Saturday morning. The second is my tent from inside the rental car. WET.

For yesterday’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: frogmarch. If there is a frogmarch, there must be a frogseptember too, right?

tent flounce

This tent looks like it has a flounce along the upper edge. I spent the weekend at the Nowhereelse Festival, camping in Ohio. The music is fabulous, hosted by Over the Rhine, and the Ohio rain was very impressive. I took the lightest camping gear I could, since I arrived by plane and rental car. My tent and sleeping bag stayed dry inside. Outside everything was sopping. I went barefoot for most of the three days except in the pokey field bits, and then I wore water slippers. None of my shoes would have stayed dry. I bought the slippers for indoors, but they are great in heavy rain and easy to take off when I was back on the grass.

Here is the tent in the evening, with clouds piling up.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: flounce.