For the Daily Prompt: churn.

This is not a churn. It’s a cat. This is Princess Mittens. Oh, I miss her, but she is gone. I was looking for a photograph of students with a churn. I have one, but I found this instead. It is from my old phone photos and I don’t think that I took it: my son, I suspect.

Churning the internet…. “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth”.

red door 2

This is also for Norm2.0’s Thursday doors, and also today, taken at around noon. The snow is disappearing very fast, but there are still treacherous ice patches in any shadows and it will all freeze again tonight…

I am having an Interesting Week, with simultaneous dental/medical/eye stuff. I get to see my FOURTH doctor this week this afternoon. Emergency root canal two days ago and antibiotics and pain medicines, so I am on the wrong side of the stethoscope this week. I would rather work than see doctors, wouldn’t you?