Ok, it has registered that I have a volunteer in the house. It’s a pepper plant. It is growing with the plant I brought back from Hawaii. The Hawaii plant was obtained in the airport and cleared to go to other states without taking nasty fungi or bacteria to spread around, so presumably this volunteer was acquired in my house. I bought a bunch of dried red peppers in eastern Washington when my son was still in college. These look rather the same. If they are the same, I think they will be HOT.

Also yesterday, there was a bee. A nice big fat bumblebee, pollinating the pepper. I thought about putting her outside, but it’s too cold and I am not sure she would survive. So now I have a pet bee. I have not named her yet. I take that back: I’m naming her Pepper.

Hooray for the volunteers.

This is for Friday’s Ragtag Daily Prompt: register.

volunteer pepper plant

At the fair!

I had fair duty yesterday at the Jefferson County Fair. Two hours in the Port Townsend Sunrise Rotary booth. We’re in the new Commercial Building. The day started out with a fabulous band parade. I got a few photographs, next post. The fair booth is to tell about our Sunrise Rotary and what we do in the community and the world! The list is the banner on the right, everything from picture dictionaries for every 3rd grader in the county, to exchange students learning about the world, to Polio Plus and Shelterbox and big and small projects in our county and other countries. Hooray for teamwork and for all the people who donate their time and energy and fellowship and money.

The booth is still up today. We are already selling tickets for our “Running of the Balls” fundraiser. We roll numbered golf balls down Monroe Street before the Rhody Parade and the winner and 2nd and 3rd get cash! $2000.00 to the winning golf ball!

If you buy five tickets for $20.00 at the fair, you go into a drawing to get 50 more numbered golf balls in the race. Stop by!

And for the golfers, we need more golf balls. We don’t have enough for next year. Some get away, darn it. Contact me or another Sunrise Rotarian to get rid of the old golf balls.



Rotary District 5020

Port Townsend Sunrise Rotary is part of Rotary District 5020. This district includes the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island, two countries. I am at the District 5020 Training and Conference, sitting next to the East Jefferson President and getting education and inspiration from our District Governor Craig Gillis. Excellent and inspiring!