Mundane Monday #176: bones

For Mundane Monday #176: bones.

This is from the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, in the Port of Debuque, Iowa. We had eight people in two vans, age range from 8 to 75, and drove there from Wisconsin. It was really excellent and something for everyone. A DiVinci exhibition, live alligators, this alligator snapping turtle skeleton, river boats and history.

What bones inspire you? The snapper was about four feet long, beak to tail, and the jaws and beak is very impressive. I’ve seen a pair of live ones in the wild on the outer banks of Virginia.

Link or message your Mundane Monday bone contribution and I will list them next week.

From Mundane Monday 175: line up:

KL Allendorfer finds lines in nature and …. frogs.





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  3. Looks like a neat museum! I am a relative latecomer to appreciating bones. I always found them creepy as a kid. This antipathy to bones, blood, bodies, etc. was even a reason I didn’t go to med school but got a PhD instead. But as I’ve gotten older I am finding the subject much more interesting! I teach a class on owl pellet dissection and the kids love finding the bones in the owl pellets and figuring out what the owls eat.

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