Mundane Monday #157

Welcome to Mundane Monday #157: two for one.

I took this coming out of church two weeks ago. Now we have at least buds on the trees. I was looking for the song sparrow, lower in the tree. When I took the photograph I recognized the bonus: a hummingbird up near the top.

I tried to get a closer shot, but the sparrow moved up and the hummingbird took off.

Interpret the theme, link your entry and I will list them next week. Mundane Monday #156, the theme was serendipitous light. Look at these:

Colette B: sky photos.

K. L. Allendoerfer: California poppies.

Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!



Y is for why in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge as in WHY did I FAIL!!!? I was supposed to post the whole alphabet by April 30th! It is May!

Well, actually, because life intervened, which is fine.

Friends were moving out of a rental and have a gap to the next one, so moved in with us. We went from two people, a fish and a cat, to six people, a fish and a cat. One of the people is two and another is seven, and they brought their parents along. They moved in last Wednesday, two days before May 1. So things got really exciting! The house is a mess! Well, really, my teen daughter would say it’s always a mess and she would be correct by some people’s standards. I am able to ignore clutter pretty successfully and my main rule is food at the table only, for kids. Boa cat keeps bringing mice in to show me and play with and I don’t want a big mouse population.

I got to X in the challenge during April and now I will finish it in May. And I am happy with that!

The picture is Port Townsend Bay. I think it looks like a giant wave in the background, but it’s Marrowstone Island, with mist rolling off it.