Mundane Monday #157

Welcome to Mundane Monday #157: two for one.

I took this coming out of church two weeks ago. Now we have at least buds on the trees. I was looking for the song sparrow, lower in the tree. When I took the photograph I recognized the bonus: a hummingbird up near the top.

I tried to get a closer shot, but the sparrow moved up and the hummingbird took off.

Interpret the theme, link your entry and I will list them next week. Mundane Monday #156, the theme was serendipitous light. Look at these:

Colette B: sky photos.

K. L. Allendoerfer: California poppies.

Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!


8 thoughts on “Mundane Monday #157

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  4. Colette B says:

    Oh my, two for one is a challenging prompt, I’ll have to think this one over and see what I can come up with :) I didn’t spot the birds at first sight, I was too busy was admiring the shapes the tree makes i think.

  5. shaunkellett says:

    Love this photo! I thought it was elegantly simple, and then when you pointed out the birds (which I hadn’t noticed on first inspection) it added even more. Truly a lovely photo :)

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