art and horses

I refuse to take the arrows
refuse to step on the hawser
say yes to Artemis
but by building her a statue
not taking on her role

I am a mere human
not a goddess

Hestia interests me
at first she does not appeal
home fires burn
my home is messy and creative
which is an excuse
to keep people out
only a few people
a select few
may enter

horse because hest
in Danish is horse
but this is Greek
but I play with words
women are the draft horses of the home

I have avoided that
by marrying a house husband
who agreed to stay home
until the kids were old enough
and then to work

he lied

I am not sorry

he’s working now

with my daughter launched
last child
what next?

I see singles
forming couples
marrying and divorcing

I love you first
writing poetry
and medicine

and who is my muse?
I am female
and we have none

Gods and Goddesses
I do not want to be held
to one
to one

you are all
you are one

you are my muse

My daughter looks so comfortable, doesn’t she? She looks as if she is standing quiet.

But I took that with a zoom lens. Really, she is here:

matinenda 2 049

say yes

Augean stable

Here I am
what a load of shit I know heracles did it
with brute strength in the allotted day I too
am assigned a day but I am just a girl you see
and small to boot I lean on the shovel and contemplate
the work what a load of shit has been produced and I
know what I have to do clean and sparkling by morning
I know the goddess to pray to and she shows up with all
her nymphs armed the bows aren’t so useful for shoveling
shit but they can shift it fast we are done long before
morning and all I have to do is pledge myself to her
to virginity like a virgin

all I have to do

my photo is from the 2009 US National Junior Synchronized Swimming Olympics