Daily Evil: S is for Sneaky

Sneaky. One thing that I think really is evil is gossip. Talking about someone behind their back and spreading rumors and never speaking to the person themselves. But I do not need to punish anyone. The gossip will eat them from the inside, like a cancer, and they will look like fools when they are proven wrong. Curling churlishly with guilt.

I look at the sea and I let it all go.

This watercolor by Helen Burling Ottaway does not have a date. I love the whitecaps using the paper. Tricky to do that, I have tried. My daughter also draws horizons and seascapes, over and over. This is 11 by 15. I suspect it is from the late 1970s or early 1980s, because there is a watercolor of my sister on the beach, similar to this. My paternal grandparents lived on Topsail Island in North Carolina and that is the most likely location.

S is for sneaky and snarky and sea. Here is a snarky song.

5 thoughts on “Daily Evil: S is for Sneaky

  1. The watercolor is mesmerizing. Watching waves is my go-to feel-good way to release things.

  2. I’ve learned here that conversations often begin with gossip. It’s the weirdest thing. I don’t have anything to say about anyone. It’s almost as if some of my neighbors go out looking for something to say about someone else.

    • drkottaway says:

      It does send attention elsewhere. Though I think, hmmm, I had better be careful what I say to this person, right?

      • I don’t actually care. I figure anyone who’s interested in what she has to say about me I probably don’t want to know anyway. Beyond that, very few people here know me. Most of the time when we all get together, I let them do the talking. My friends here have their ritual and I leave them to it… Early in our acquaintance she said, “You don’t say things other people say.” That told me a LOT about her.

  3. Talking behind someone’s back is annoying, because most of the time they know it is not good.

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