places in the world

I am thinking of the phrase “Places in the world a woman would walk.” I know it’s by Grace Paley. A short story? A line in a story?

Do you feel safe walking in your neighborhood? Or on a beach near you or in a forest? If you are male, do you thinks it’s safe for a woman to walk alone in your neighborhood? Do you feel differently about a male? And the same questions to woman.

And is there an age limit? Is it safe for me to walk the beach alone because my hair is mostly white? What about my son and daughter, both in their 20s?

Safety is relative. One of the unsafe things about our beaches is the warnings about an earthquake and tsunami. We have sand cliffs that will most certainly collapse. I walk the beach and eye the cliffs. There is some luck involved and I accept that.

4 thoughts on “places in the world

  1. Susanne says:

    The photo is wonderful with that active, wild sky.

    There are neighbourhoods I avoid in day or night but I feel safe in most places in my city. But I’m still cautious and vigilant about what’s going on around me. I think that just goes with being a woman.

  2. Paula Light says:

    I don’t feel safe out alone after dark period. It’s a combination of being older, worrying about falling, cars, dogs, bad people, etc. I am very careful.

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