For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: ring.

We hiked the Tunnel Creek trail yesterday, about 4 miles up and back. Much of it was in shadow at the start, with sun up in the tops of the trees. We reached areas with sun and then it followed us back down the valley. Not all the way, the end was in the dark trees and wet.

We were mushrooming. We saw many more mushrooms than ones that we knew were ok, but it was so beautiful and healing. I love to hike.


This is the Staircase hike on Monday. It was not slick enough to make me turn back, but if the water had been higher or there had not been a railing, I would have turned back. I thought about rising water on that hike.

And the same day, I received a county email that an 18 year old slipped crossing a creek and was swept away.

Love to his friends and family and I am so sorry.

Hurricane Ridge

This is one of the watercolors in the Mother Daughter Show III by Helen Burling Ottaway, titled Hurricane Ridge. My parents moved from Alexandria, Virginia in 1996 to Chimacum, Washington. My mother loved the northwest and traveled out to paint, but they did not move to the northwest until my maternal grandmother died. My grandmother lived into her 90s. My mother was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer in 1997, one year after the move. She did not get to paint the northwest nearly as much as she and we hoped. She died in May of 2000.

Still, I do have some of her gorgeous northwestern watercolors. I have more to frame, but this show will have some of the ones that she framed.