My first achievement for today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is spelling achievement. And no, I did not spell it correctly on the first try.

My daughter has finished her first two years of teaching eighth grade, during Covid-19. She taught remotely until March of 2021 and then in person. She worked on her teaching certificate the first year and finished her Masters last month. She is SOOOO amazing!

Hooray for ALL of the teachers who continued to teach during Covid-19, remotely, in person, hugs and prayers and sending love.

3 thoughts on “Achievement

  1. lois says:

    You are funny. I kept repeating that ‘i before e rule’ and, even then, misspelled the prompt. I had to redo the link. Huge congrats to your daughter!

    • drkottaway says:

      Thank you! I am a terrible speller and automatically copy from a text. In college I translated a book and my Danish professor finally asked “Why are we using British spellings?” I had to ask for examples…..

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