tears falling

I am back in grief
in the ocean of tears
someone has to go there
and I can swim

I can swim on the surface
and I can swim in the depths
no trench is too deep
for me to explore

they think it is dark
in the deepest trench
it’s true that the pressure
is very strong

but all of us
in the deepest depths
learn to glow
and shine

that is what the trench does
at first you are terrified
an ocean of grief
an ocean of tears

but then you see light
beings glowing
some are eating each other
but others smile and wave

if you are not too frightened
if you do not fight and struggle
if you take a breath, calmly
you find you can breathe

and you look at your hands
in wonder as you breathe
in the ocean of grief
in the ocean of tears

you too are glowing softly
in the ocean of grief
in the ocean of tears
you feel welcome

6 thoughts on “tears falling

  1. Wow!! I really needed this right now. Just lost my daughter nine days ago to a viscous cancer…only 7 months after diagnosis.

    I’ve only checked in to read a couple of my favorite bloggers in the last many months. I’m glad to have picked you, but am also aware you might be grieving something too.

    Anyway, thank you.

  2. Paula Light says:

    Powerful poem โค๏ธ

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