Recipe: Corned Beef

My mother gave my sister and I small notebooks decorated with our names when I was starting high school. She said that we were each going to cook once a week. We were to tell her what we wanted to make. She would give us the recipe and we would put it in our notebook. She would buy the ingredients and we would each cook.

It ended up being every other week so that we alternated, but I still have the notebook. My mother died in 2000 of ovarian cancer. I miss her. The first recipe I chose was corned beef and cabbage.

One thought on “Recipe: Corned Beef

  1. Lou Carreras says:

    What is called in New England Boiled Dinner? The key mentioned in your recipe was not adding cabbage and potatoes too early. While doing fieldwork I met many a New England (over) Boiled Dinner (urp!) But there is nothing as tasty as one done right!

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