Pandas and the toughest yarn

After my sister died, I eventually got a box from her home.

People were cleaning it out. My cousin Ko, my friend Caroline, other friends.

Among other things, they sent part of her yarn stash.

What they sent me was the very very fine yarn and the fuzzy yarn. The mohair.

Oh gosh, I thought, they sent me the toughest yarn.

Well, as part of the dealing with the ADHD/OCD antibody annoyance, which makes me wired while the OTHER antibodies make me physically not able to do much, what am I doing?

Sorting my yarn stash, for one. I have a LOT of that lovely fuzzy soft superfine mohair and other superfine yarns. It is tricky to work with because the fine needles are hard on the hands and because if you screw up, it’s hard to take it out. I know some of the tricks: freezing the sweater is one. It makes it easier for the fibers to untangle.

I’ve also been sorting the knitting books and magazines. I have more books. My mother gave me a whole hardcover book on edges and casting on. I’ve used it twice so far. But now I am home, buzzing with antibodies (yeah, sometimes it feels like ants or bees or pins. On the inside.) and so: knit.

And lo, I find this book. Fine knitting. It even has a mohair t-shirt pattern! Awesome, I am going to be knitting up some of my sister’s mohair. Wonderful. I think she’d approve. Also, I plan to be just as glam and sultry as the woman on the cover, heh.

I think I’ll submit this to the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Country Comfort.

5 thoughts on “Pandas and the toughest yarn

  1. bushboy says:

    I think the finished whatever you decide to knit will be a fine soft luxury that you can wear and think of your sister. Sorting things is good for me too. Thanks for joining in Dr K :) :)

  2. Pat Howard says:

    Yay – sounds like a great plan!

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  3. That Mohair is gonna make for some beautiful outfits. Be sure to share what you make with us wont you.

    • drkottaway says:

      I will! Right now it’s in the planning stage. Plus my grumpy practical side wants me to finish one of the old projects first. There’s a hat that’s almost done. Maybe finishing that will Satisfy the Grump.

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