For the Ragtag Daily Prompt today. My prompt, heh.

This is a picture of me with my mother. I am two. I think she is so beautiful. She is a bit careful and distant, though she is smiling….

2 thoughts on “stealthie

  1. Luis Urías says:

    I guess I knew you two by that time. I was there, in your house in Ithaca, in December 1965. January 1966, with Richard Hale, a fieind of your parents,. I wrote to you about it a few years ago, but you didn’t consider my email.
    I’m sorry you were ill and had to close your consultory.
    This are times of complete changes. Hope you can further to better environments.
    I am surviving in even worst conditions, I think, no helping relatives, but old and new friends by the cibernetic spaces, here in the North of Mexico.
    With my best wishes and energy thoughts
    Luis Urias

    • drkottaway says:

      Sorry I didn’t reply: too much spam! I remember Richard Hale’s name. Ithaca would have been my grandparents. We were on Dryden Road then.

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