hope for change

I want us to have a culture where teens don’t drink to black out or to where they tell themselves that it’s ok to harm another person, where women are not punished for speaking up, where neither boys nor girls nor men nor women tolerate rape or domestic violence or discrimination or hatred.

3 thoughts on “hope for change

  1. Barbara Lindsey says:

    But not everyone who has a misspent youth goes on to take advantage of vulnerable females. He doesn’t want to face his past (understandably) but he should also not expect to continue his entitled lifestyle throughout his life without it being brought up. He should also admit it. There is no doubt in my mind that he did the things he is accused of. This is a coverup to shunt him through. He is a mysogynist. He has no regrets, or, as you point out, accountability it seems.

  2. Barbara Lindsey says:

    Me too, but that is not the message coming from Brett Kavanaugh and his ilk. Those in high office are supposed to set the example. He is a liar , he looks like a liar, and he protests too loudly to be believed. I’m with Dr Ford who is the bravest person in this whole sorry incident.

  3. V.J. Knutson says:

    I am with you, however; as a former high school teacher, I saw the prevalence of this behaviour. Teens think they are emulating, and therefore, being adults. What does this tell us? Accountability is a character trait that seemed to disappear when we focused on self-esteem.

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