Mundane Monday #174: water color

For Mundane Monday #174, my prompt is: water color.

I have missed two Mundane Mondays! Mea culpa! But…. I was really and truly unplugged. Nine days at a cabin from the 1930s on a lake with no outlet, no electricity. I did have batteries and so could take pictures.

Lake Matinenda has moods and colors: when it is calm it reflects the sky. I was up in the early morning a lot for the sunrise and here is a pink and blue lake. I love the moods of the water and the sky and nearly living outdoors.

For my last Mundane Monday #173: skies:

KL Allendorfer: skies.


daily work

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: labour. Or labor.

Happy Labor Day! I have been gone, out of the reach of wifi, out of the reach of an outlet, hidden in the woods. I did have batteries and took photographs. What is the work of a woodpecker, what is their daily task? Do they want to take a vacation day, are there days where they slack, are there days where they do not do much?

I am happy to be back and sad too….