A crazy ideological teenager who still thinks that clear, free, rational thinking can save the world

This is for Ronovan’s weekly haiku prompt. The words today are free and think.

A friend sent me this conversation: http://www.metafilter.com/151267/Wheres-My-Cut-On-Unpaid-Emotional-Labor about this article http://the-toast.net/2015/07/13/emotional-labor/view-all/.

And I am free to think, think of free to be you and me, teens wanting freedom, but then there are responsibilities and jobs and thank you letters and Christmas cards and diapers….

I think that we are not very good at dealing with emotion as a culture and we need to figure it out. We talk about “negative” emotions. Emotions are just emotions. They are like waves on the ocean. I try to let the wave come and let it go.

free to be free, you
stinker blinker free thinker
diaper change stinker

 I stole the title from everything2.com.

The photo is from 2004. Like father, like daughter.