Demon Chainers

And you thought the hard work was over
Finding your demons
Facing them
Adopting them
Comforting them
Learning to love the parts that no one loved
That you hid as a child
Mothering your own unloved self
Fathering the parts he couldn’t love
And to surface knowing that you are a child of God
And lovable
Only to be attacked
With a concerted effort
To return you to what you were before

Don’t be frightened enough to give up
You are right
You are still a child of God
In your wholeness
Talents and faults

Those who attack
Feel their demons
Clamoring at them
When you learned to love your demons
Theirs want to be loved too
So badly
But their keepers are frightened
They are pressing their demons back into the depths
Attack you for you have made them feel their sorrows
All unaware

Seek those who have also
Dealt with their demons
And they will welcome you
You are not crazy
To feel the euphoria
Of surfacing
But do not get carried away
And be kind to the demon chainers
Remember where you were before.


4 thoughts on “Demon Chainers

  1. christinejwchu says:

    I find this piece motivating, inspiring and really comforting. ‘Remember where you were before.’ – a beautiful reminder for many, who has been courageously facing their demons (great or small), to show empathy towards others who are still trapped in the clutches of darkness. Wonderfully written!

  2. platosgroove says:

    Very nice good Doctor! I am a “redneck” headshrink in a rural county in central Alabama. Crackheads convicts and Baptists are my multicultural specialties. :)

    • drkottaway says:

      Here in the northwest it’s mostly methamphetamines, heroin and oxycontin. I’ve been surveying my patients to see what is most addictive. My current list is
      1. tobacco
      2. opiates
      3. meth
      4. alcohol
      How about you?

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