Dark sky with stars

Yesterday I had my “Armour suit”  massage at 4:00.

Sometimes during the massage I space out and go elsewhere. I don’t know if it is falling asleep. My practitioner knows when I am gone, because he is telling me to roll my leg to the left against resistance and I will just stop in the middle. I usually see pictures and tell him what I saw.

Yesterday I saw a dream that I had years ago.

I dreamed that I was looking through a window and the sky was black, with stars.  The stars started to fall. The stars were all angels, all falling, slowly, down. I wanted to ask the angels, “Why do you have to fall?” but I was frightened. I was terrified. Because all of the angels were falling: every one. Slipping slowly down the sky.

Then I saw their faces. They were not afraid or angry or resisting. They all had expressions of acceptance and peace.

In the dream then there was no window between me and the angels. I was in the dark too and falling slowly. I did not resist. I knew I needed to let myself fall, like the angels. We all must let go and fall. I was crying even as I accepted it.

I wonder why the angels were made to fall. I think they fall for us, to show us acceptance and love.

10 thoughts on “Dark sky with stars

  1. I sounds like you experienced a hynogogic state. This is like a semi-wake state, where people often experience the feeling of falling It is often experienced as a dream-like or hallucinatory state. I’m particularly fond of it. Best high yet!

    Devil of death? Why would we call it the devil of death? Natural death isn’t evil, it is part of the inevitable cycle of life. In fact, increased longevity, hence putting off death for as long as possible has created problems for nature in particular, and upset its very delicate balance. Would life have meaning if death were not its destination?

    Those who report near death experiences suggest great feelings of peace and joy, often accompanied by ‘angelic’ beings, or meeting a being that is full of love. Hence, maybe, angel of death rather devil of death. I’m not aware of any records of anyone reporting a bad trip to the other side during cardiac arrest.

    The painting Ascent to Empyrean by Bosch represents it well. You were falling, though, rather than ascending, but quite common when in a hypnogogic state.

  2. Lotta Wanner says:

    I am glad you accepted your dream and found peace in it. It was there to help you. :)

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