I sent Valentine messages and photographs to my young adult children yesterday and their father’s parents, who are in their 90s. I got messages back: a lovely Valentine.

Last Saturday was sunny and I hung a chair in the tree house at the right height to look at the windows. It warms inside in the sun fairly quickly. The tree is just starting to bud. It was cosy and delicious to sit and read and look at roof tops. A sanctuary.

Prayers for everyone who is trying to find safety and sanctuary and peace…..

Rare: morning coffee

This is for the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Rare.

I had my morning coffee on Sunday in the tree house, very early. Coffee is not so rare but having it in a tree house is not common for me!

We have three of the four roof panels in place, but the fourth will have tricky cutouts to accommodate the tree. I love the clear roof panels that let in the light. I can watch the leaves and the tree move through it. We have a window that fits in the open space, but took it down to paint the outside… far I have not had time….