be careful who lasers your hoohoo

be sure whatever you do do
you’re careful who lasers your hoohoo
vaginal rejuvenation
should not be self done by the patient
the person who fires the laser
should having training and not just in tasers
hoohoo lasers are selling like hotcakes
making money for yahoos who clambake
no yahoo should do do your hoohoo
else you and your honey will boohoo

written in 2018.

I don’t make this shit up:

Night light

This is for photrablogger’s Mundane Monday #66, night lights! This is a light show with a band at the Palindrome, a summer solstice fundraiser for  BOOMFEST.

I danced on the porch because it was too loud and smokey inside. The High Council was playing… I wanted to catch the laser show and I liked the frame of the doors. Worked on the third try!