Beach finds

I picked this agate up. See how it looks like a Gummi Bear, a different texture than the other rocks? The clear ones light up when the sun is polarized. It is harder to find them when it is not sunny.

This is not an agate, but some agates are this color. I try not to bring occupied houses home.

This is an agate too, not clear, but lovely color and striping.

Here is another clear one:

I am not the only creature searching the beach.

These were taken on Marrowstone Island and on the beach below Chetzemoka Park in Port Townsend.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: find.

3 thoughts on “Beach finds

  1. Finding a rock you want to find is one of the coolest things that happens.

  2. We are going on holiday next week, my granddaughter hasn’t talked of anything else but the beach.

  3. Lou Carreras says:

    We used to go into the woods up in Maine looking for garnets exposed by the wear on the boulders. they were tiny, but interesting to hunt for. Nothing near the size of the material you find.

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