hope molting and growing new feathers

A friend away a friend some day
a friend can’t stay all the day
a friend won’t pray a friend can’t play
not today is what they say
a friend they say a friend always
a friend who may return some day

in a way you might say
hope molts and regrows feathers today

I think my inner four year old wrote today’s poem. I am thinking about the song my mother taught me, very young, for when I was frustrated.

My sister and I loved this song and others, Samuel Hall and “I don’t want to play in your back yard, I don’t like you any more. You’ll be sorry when you see me, sliding down my cellar door.”

I gave a young friend a book of rhymes. He looked at me with some horror. “These are nursery rhymes.” I grin at him. “Look again. It’s a book of insulting playground rhymes, suitable for all occasions.” He looked at the book again and held on to it.

The photograph is from the National Museum of Women in the Arts again. Another fabulous painting that seems to fit my theme.

4 thoughts on “hope molting and growing new feathers

  1. lifelessons says:

    My friend and I sang “I don’t want to play in your yard” as a duet when I was small. We all used to sing “Nobody hates me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms.Great big squishy worms, little bitty ishy worms, guess I’ll go eat worms. Up came the first worm, up came the second worm, the third worm got my goat. Up came the fourth worm, up came the fifth worm, the sixth worm caught in my throat! There was a second chorus before the last one but I dont’ remember it.

  2. lois says:

    We sang that worm song all the time when I was younger. I was still singing along with this one.

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