I walked on East Beach the other day. I thought the clouds were amazing. Then I thought they were a bird. Then a Thunderbird.

From a mythology site, about the Thunderbird:

Thunderbird Causes a Great Flood and Separates the Quileute Peoples

It is said that once, Thunderbird became so angry with the people that he caused a great flood to occur. The oceans rose so high that the Quileute were forced to get into their boats to take shelter. The oceans rose so high that even the tops of the mountains were covered with water. This went on for four days.

After four days the Quileute sailed with no sun or landmarks to guide them. When the waters receded (again for four days) it was discovered that many of the Quileute had been scattered. When they found land again, some of the Quileute found that they were in Hoh. Others discovered themselves in Chemakum. Both of these groups decided to stay there to live out their lives. Very few of the people forced to flee were able to find their way back to Quileute.

Meanwhile, I could also see the smoke from the fires in the east.

The Thunderbird is facing to the southwest first.

Then she is facing me.

Thunderbird punishes people who are immoral. I must examine my conscience. What have I done that is immoral and what must I do to correct it? That is private, between me and Thunderbird.

The story website says that “any man who has a vision of the Thunderbird during a fast will one day become a mighty war chief.” But what about a woman? I was fasting, in the early morning. Not war, please. Perhaps if a woman sees a Thunderbird she will work towards peace, she will peace the world. That is what I would like, to peace even one other person.

And the Thunderbird is hanging over the fires east of me. I can see the smoke and smell it later in the day. The Thunderbird is here about the environment: the Thunderbird controls weather, doesn’t she? I am paying close attention. Reduce, reuse, think about reducing our effects on the environment.

Blessings and may peace creep upon you like a warm blanket, a daydream, a laugh.

Getting ready

Rainshadow Chorale is practicing, masked, but practicing, for our concerts the first week of November.

I think it’s going to be fabulous!

Our website:

Now all we need is the audience! Mark your calendars!

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: audience.