even when your heart is broken, monday still comes, every week
you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, make a list of your work
no one in the bank, the post office, the store sees your life bleed


For Ronovan Write’s Sijo Wednesday # 18: use regret.

2 thoughts on “bleed

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I don’t see it – but I read, here – and there – and I promised to not flood you with comments, (sigh) but um….well – I hear the ‘bleed’ in this – and no reply required/needed – just saying – Courage, REAL Courage, is often, just getting up, one more day, to do what needs be done – and yet, never believe, once you share your journey – that it goes un-noticed or unheard/unseen – may you not ‘bleed out’ today – if, in fact – this is something about you, and not someone else – <3

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