My son and daughter-in-law got married April 30th in Black Diamond, Washington. The young man in the photograph was the youngest in the house I rented. We had my two aunts: 81 and 86 years old, and my uncle, 85 years old. Me, my daughter, my two friends and their son. This young man and I took photographs. He taught me new things about my camera and on the last day ran a slide show from my laptop to the television. He helped all of us folks with technology and we really enjoyed having him there.

And I am delighted to hear that he told his parent that he wished we had one more day, all of us. Eight people in a household from Thursday to Monday and it went very well. Weddings always have some interesting glitches, but after putting off the wedding for two years due to covid, the bride and groom did not seem rattled by anything! My daughter-in-law is truly a delight.

Here is to the next generation, surviving this pandemic, sweeping up the pieces and growing, and thriving anyhow.

For the Ragtag Daily Prompt: children.

6 thoughts on “growing

  1. lifelessons says:

    Wonderful photo and fun to hear of your fun with family. I just spent three days with most of my remaining family as well for a sadder occasion, but there was lots of joy in it as well.

    • drkottaway says:

      I am sorry about any loss, but it is still joyous to see the remaining family and remember.

      • lifelessons says:

        Yes.. It was a very upbeat occasion with my sister and I relating humorous and touching stories about our sister to her kids and grandkids.

  2. Pat Howard says:

    I’m only 81!

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